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Jia yi

Date: 2020-01-10

Jia yi supply chain enterprise group was founded in jinan, capital of shandong province products began to take off from the highway less-than-one carload transport, with many years experience of logistics service, relying on excellent strategic assets as well as professional and efficient management team, logistics has become the preferred diet to provide clients with comprehensive logistics enterprise logistics and supply chain integration services group, and formed is given priority to with road cargo transport and logistics and supply chain of the two core products, supported by logistics park and logistics information technology products complementarity three-dimensional structure.

In combination with customer demand and its own advantages, jiayi logistics proposed the logistics operation mode of "north self-construction + south cooperation" in terms of physical network construction.

No blind spots in shandong province from the earliest implementation of regional distribution of the logistics company gradually developed to cover the north "eight provinces in the" service network, covering the terminal service outlets in more than 2000, 11 regional operations center, transportation lines more than 1500, the depth of radiation to small cities, in the construction of logistics infrastructure, jia yi logistics key logistics node city in north China since the shopping flow land 1200 mu, more than a dozen logistics park planning and construction, has its own storage area of about 35 square meters, at the same time, integration of external storage area of 20 square meters.

Quick connection products used in this project: thermal insulation sliding door, loading and unloading platform

Company vision:

We are committed to becoming the first-class gateway intelligent solution provider in China.

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