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Thousands of weft logistics

Date: 2020-01-10

In 2015, vanke formally entered the logistics real estate industry, followed by the launch of a new brand "wanwei".

Thousands of weft logistics estate positioning for the integration of modern warehouse facilities and logistics operation of logistics park and the industry garden area professional developers and operators, mainly for electricity, retail, third-party logistics companies, fedex express, cold chain based services provide storage facilities, such as its business scope includes high standard modern warehousing investment location selection, development and construction, investment operation, etc., and through the network layout, rapidly expanding scale.

Since the beginning of the cooperation with vanke in 2015 (the framework agreement has been signed), the cooperation projects include guizhou, wuhan, changsha, hefei, hangzhou, guangzhou wandun, foshan baini, deqing, haining, yunnan, chengdu shuangliu, chengdu tianfu, chongqing, xi 'an, shenyang, Shanghai, jiaxing and other places.

The products used in this project include industrial sliding doors, high-speed refrigerator sliding doors, single panel doors and loading and unloading platforms.

Company vision:

We are committed to becoming the first-class gateway intelligent solution provider in China.

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