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Shanghai kuailan door industry Co., Ltd

Shanghai kuailan door industry Co., Ltd., a national high-tech enterprise, "Shanghai famous brand" enterprise, is a gateway intelligent solution provider specializing in the manufacturing of industrial doors and loading and unloading equipment. It independently develops and produces industrial sliding doors, single panel doors, PVC fast doors, cold storage high-speed sliding doors, loading and unloading platforms, door covers, industrial fans and other series of products, with a number of technical specialties With CE certification in Europe, our products can be customized according to customers' needs.
At present, Zoomlion has established a nationwide sales network and after-sales service system in more than 20 cities. At the same time, it has fully introduced ERP and CRM systems, and realized "information system + cloud platform" by using Internet of things technology, so as to comprehensively improve order fulfillment and service quality.


Products, partnerships

Since its establishment in 2004, "Shanghai Express" has become a strong brand in the industry with excellent product quality and perfect service support, winning the trust and affirmation of customers in many industries and fields. It has a good cooperation relationship with enterprises such as pulos, Vanke, e-commerce, Jiamin, fengshu, Fuchun, Yupei, Ping'an real estate, Sinotrans, Shenzhen International, Jingdong, Cainiao, Suning, vipshop, Bosch, Benz, BMW, Bayer, BASF chemical, P & G, L'Oreal, Metro, RT mart, etc.

Industry position, hardware environment

In 2010, Zoomlion built a 20000 square meter modern workshop in Jiading, Shanghai, and introduced a 150 meter continuous production line of composite plates from Bayer henecki, Germany, which laid a solid foundation for the company to become one of the leading industrial equipment manufacturers in China.
Through the international management mechanism, the design and R & D team with "innovation as the first competitiveness" and the service network integrating marketing, installation and after-sales, "Shanghai Express" is steadily growing into a first-class gateway intelligent solution provider in China.

Corporate Culture

Development Strategy

Qualification Certificate

    Quick alliance advantage

    Product Development

    New product R & D, product update and detail improvement have been consistently maintained in fast link. We have a better understanding of customers' needs. Through our R & D team's continuous iteration, fast connect products are constantly updated in the market.

    Intelligent Production

    Automatic production is the guarantee of order timely delivery and product quality. Through the construction of information system, fast link realizes the connection between ERP system and production line, and ensures product quality and production efficiency.

    Quality Assurance

    In order to create first-class products, fast link has achieved perfect management and control for each link, and strictly implemented the quality management system ISO9001:2008 standard from research and development, production, delivery and installation.

    Reliable Service

    Professional after-sales service team can provide customers with reliable inspection, maintenance and repair services. Through the construction of Internet of things technology and information system, it can change passive service into active service, greatly improving the efficiency of after-sales service.

    Professional Consultation

    To provide customers with all-round guarantee services before, during and after sales, from the preliminary project design, technical clarification to the comprehensive consultation of installation and acceptance.

    Information Management

    Fast link takes the lead in investing resources to establish a service intelligent management platform, and continues to launch such service functions as efficient order inquiry, one key repair application, customer evaluation, etc. on the mobile phone end, so as to realize the end-to-end service that starts from customer demand and ends with customer satisfaction.